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I'd love to spin my vinyl records and/or CD's for you at Jazzfestivals, in (jazz)cafe's, at wedding- and other great party's, at receptions for business- or cultural events. Big or small, in the Netherlands or abroad.
Please email me and ask for the possibilities.
Please mention date, time, location and the type of event in your email.

Depending the scale of the gig, I can spin on the equipment present or take care of everything: DJset and/or audio equipment. 

DJ Equipment, full set:
2 Turntables such as Technics SL1200
2 CD Players such as Pioneer CDJ1000
1 DJ Mixer such as Pioneer DJM600

PA that can easily cover the room and has good sub-low for dancing. Monitor at the DJbooth.

Looking forward to hear from you.