June 23rd, 2013, I was a guest DJ at the Dutch National Radio, station Radio 6. I was there in the 2nd half of the show.

You can hear the show back via 'uitzending gemist' at this site: radio6.nl/wickedjazzsounds

Or just listen to my playlist from their 'mixcloud': mixcloud.com/WickedJazzSounds/20130623-dj-set-philippona-at-wicked-jazz-sounds-on-radio6nl

Fantastic to get last minute offers to spin at this top Music Festival in Amsterdam.

I love last minute all ready, but this way even more. Since Classical Music is the core programming, there is no taboo for more complex (jazz) music this time! Check the agenda for more details.

Having fun at Dutch Radio once more, full hour this time!

Music and interviews (in Dutch) : www.radio6.nl/video/show/winfrieds-woonkamer/69881

The day I spinned at the great North Sea Jazz Festival, I first came to the radio studio.

Radio 6 interviewed me and there was time to share three beautiful pieces of music! : radio6.nl/video/show/north-sea-jazz-interviews/69845

So happy and so proud to be joining many of my very favorite jazz- and soul 'stars' and artists at my favorite festival: North Sea Jazz. I'll be spinning Sunday afternoon, July 13th at the TIGRIS Roof-stage from 3.30 till 6 pm: northseajazz.com/nl/programma/2014/zondag-13-juli/blokkenschema

Of course I also do private events as a DJ. They are not visible in the agenda. Oftentimes they are very inspiring too! September 20th I supported 1500 Metalworkers on a strike in Rotterdam with my music.

The day after I DJ'd at a very intimite party to just 'Celebrate Life' in a beautiful villa in the middle of the forrests, love that pinetree smell!

Proud to be the musical director for Restaurant Stedelijk. With jazzy background music all day long and with plenty of DJ performances between Thursdays and Sundays.

For starters with 2 DJmarathons from August 26-30 and September 3rd-6th 2015 between 5 & 8! : restaurantstedelijk.nl