My name is DJ Philippona, so first things first: for spelling, just think Philip- add 'pona' and you have it right.

As far as DJing goes, that's what I love to do: sharing the beautiful music that I keep discovering. A lot of the songs I spin, have been 'lost' on obscure records for years, but they are worth to be heard. And to be heard loud!
They're old songs, but they sound fresh, like new. Lately I also enjoy bringing an occasional newer production in the mix, always aiming to connect the time-era's through the soulfulness of a tune.

I call my DJing 'Jazz Lost and Found' and that's exactly how it goes: I play jazz, I loose it and I find it back. And so on. One warning: I hear the jazz in lots of types of music.

If it were up to me, everybody would be dancing to old school funky soul and disco, but also to 50ties hard-bop, romantic vintage latin and rhythm & blues. Just like I do. However, just foot-tapping, hip-swaying or kissing your newfound baby who'll turn out to be the love of your life, can be a delightful response too. In case of the latter, please call me to be your wedding-DJ.

So, I will be playing irresistibly beautiful and oftentimes obscure tunes from the realms of jazz, exotica, moviescores, rhythm & blues, rock'n'roll, latin -including Brazilian bossa nova-, soul, disco and funk. All of this from the early 30ties 'till the late 70ties plus some good tunes from more recent decades & years. 

I spinned at the North Sea- and other jazzfestivals, in jazzvenues, at afterparties of cultural events, at receptions and at all kinds of peoples' parties including weddings. Just check my agenda and find out where to find me the upcoming weeks.

Make sure you don't miss the other colored tabs on my website, f.i. Music gives some fine samples of uplifting tunes! Also, you can find funny personal stories and get to know me and the music I play a little better in my blog.

I'd love to hear from you, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
DJ Philippona